This is the Alucard Inchoate Web Page Design Site. This site is designed to help web page designers with Web Site creation, and is an interface with the services of Alucard Inchoate Ltd. These services are available for companies and organisations, who requires assistance in the design, construction, management and promotion of a Web Site.

Alucard Inchoate Ltd is a long standing company who have been developing PC software and PC solutions since 1979.  We are renowned for our services to the pharmaceutical industry, for Anti Virus Software, Security solutions, Banking products and many others.  Our Customer base includes companies such as Barclays Bank Plc and ABB. We now have a department specialising in Web page design and development for small businesses and organizations. Dedicated to offering complete Web design solutions and management, for simple Web Sites and E-Commerce.

Some of the service we offer are:
  • Web Site design and layout.
  • Design and production of Web pages.
  • Web Site Server space.
  • Web site domain name registration.
  • E-Mail.
  • Web Site Support and maintenance.

We will:
  • Help you make the best of the World Wide Web.
  • Keep you up to date with Web technology.
  • Develop effective and productive Web Sites.
  • Manage and Maintain Web Sites Professionally.
Can we Help you ?
Email us and send a us a summary of your requirements.
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Alucard House, Willowfield Grove, Ashton, Wigan, WN4 9NN, England.
Alucard Inchoate Ltd, developers of PC Solutions since 1979.