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Billsborrow is located just north of bridge 44, known as White Horse Bridge. Bridge 44 is a relatively new bridge, the original being replaced some years ago. The A6 runs along side the canal for a short distance and included along the tow path side on the West canal bank is Guys Hamlet. A complex consisting of a public house, hotel, bowling green, cricket pitch and a few shops.
Billsborrow Moorings
Public mooring is allowed alongside Guys Hamlet and almost the full length of Billsborrow on the West bank. On the East bank there are private moorings, access to another 3 public houses and the public moorings which include a sanitary station and water services. For those of you who are Fish & Chip enthusiasts, there is an excellent Fish & Chip Shop only 100 yards from the canal.

There are local shops, a post office as well as a small business along the canal side manufacturing garden benches. An area of grassland opposite Guys Hamlet is used at weekends and bank holidays for hot air balloon take offs and some of the more affluent people land their helicopters there to drop into Guys for a snack or lunch. Along side Old Duncombe House on Billsborrow Wharf, a private trip narrow boat, The Billsborrow Lady, can be found.
This is hired out during weekends for trips up and down the canal and has Bar & Buffet facilities if required. It is capable of carrying up to 12 passengers in addition to the crew. Billsborrow is worth a visit by car or boat. Buy yourself a home made ice cream from Guys and wander along the canal towpath for a while.
The Billsborrow Lady