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Forton is not actually on the Lancaster canal, it is about a mile East of bridge 77, but the area is known as Forton and consists hamlets such as Wharf Cottage, Cabus Nook and Potters Brook. Caravan parks are quite popular along the canal and this stretch is no different.

Cabus Nook is located at bridge 73 and just north of the bridge is a large well appointed mobile caravan park off the West bank. The area from Wharf Cottage through Cabus Nook to Potters Brook is very picturesque and, for the more energetic of you, a walk along the tow path is well worth while on a nice day. At bridge 78 a small privately owned narrow boat rental, Water babies, is located. The owner prides himself on maintaining two high quality narrow boats and these are for rent at reasonable prices.

To the West of an ornamental canal bridge, numbered 84, set in beautiful grounds, is Ellel Grange. Ellel Grange is a very fine Italianate villa built for a merchant William Preston in 1857 -1859. It is a very large mansion, having two broad towers. There is also a little church in the grounds named St. Mary's, built by Williams Preston in 1873 for £7,000. Both these properties and the estate are private and the owners privacy should be respected. The best views are from the canal, so take a trip past on a boat.