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The remains of Greenhaigh Castle is on the East bank just before bridge 58 south of Garstang, the West bank at this point a favourite for fisherman. Greenhalgh Caslte was built in 1490 by the Earl of Derby. In the 17th century it was destroyed by the Roundheads during the Civil War. Permission to visit the ruins can be obtained from the adjacent farm. The canal then proceeds passed the new housing estates and crosses the River Wyre on a fine stone aqueduct. The aqueduct is 110 feet long and 34 feet high and is attributed to John Rennie. Steps are available for people wishing to take a better look from the lower level. Eventually the canal arrives at the Th'Owd Tithebarn public house, restaurant and museum. The area around the basin at the Th'Owd Tithebarn is very popular with boaters and at weekends many types of pleasure boats are moored here. The town centre is a short walk and has a selections of shops and supermarkets. Garstang retains an atmosphere of a small market town. The town hall has a bell tower, built 1755-1764, to acknowledge the town's promotion by the King to borough status it was rebuilt in 1939. The town still boasts a market cross, erected 1754, topped by a ball.

Th'Owd Tithebarn Public House, Restaurant
North of Garstang town, the canal passes the family owned and run Bridge House Marina and Caravan Site. Bridge House Marina supplies a large quantity of permanent secure moorings off the main canal. A chandlery and shop, as well as boat repair services and one of the biggest slipways, complete with a large boat hoist are housed within the marina. It is also a very popular site for caravan owners. Just north of Bridge House Marina a new marina has been built and is currently being extended. Information on the new marina will be added once obtained.