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Mooring Rules


If you plan to leave your boat afloat on any of the 2,000 miles of waterways owned by British Waterways, it needs a permanent British Waterways approved mooring. This will normally be at a British Waterways site or a privately managed mooring or marina, although approval for mooring at other locations may be given.


Before you moor your boat at any or our permanent: mooring sites you need a mooring permit These are issued for periods of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months and always start the first day of the month. Conditions of issue, details of availability or enquiries about a particular mooring site and mooring application forms are available from the Waterway Office address below. A list of British Waterways mooring sites and their charges is available separately.


British Waterways Lancaster Office allows overnight mooring on the canal towpath, other than at recognised towpath mooring sites, which are clearly marked. The canal towpath may not be used as a permanent mooring unless authorised. Please remember that ALL craft on the canal, regardless of their type of berth, must hold a current cruising licence to use the canal.


Approval may be given for a permanent mooring which is not: a British Waterways or privately operated site. You should write to the Waterway Office, giving details of the desired location and the size of your boat, to seek permission. This will be needed in cases where your boat is to be moored on your own property but on the Lancaster Canal (for example at the end of your garden). If your intended mooring is acceptable a mooring permit will be issued at 50% cost.

British Waterways, Lancaster Waterway Office, Main Road, Galgate. LA2 0LQ
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