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Web Site Design and Layout.
This is the most basic element of any web site. Without a top level design from day one, your site would not show the consistency and ease of use that it deserves. These are the kinds of things that would put off all but the most dedicated net surfers. Good web design can also cure the current problem of the Internet, sites that take forever to load, and then don't tell you anything when they finally appear. Design is a two way street. You know what you want to get out of your web site, while we know how to produce clean, efficient web sites. Between us we can turn your dream into an effective reality.

Production of all required elements.
Production is the technical bit, turning the design into reality. This includes generating all of the HTML code, graphics and associated add-ons that will make up your site. There is no need to feel left out of this process, we will load all versions of the site into a password protected area of the web before it goes live. This will allow you to review the web design during the build process, and make changes where you see fit. Once you are happy, the web site can be published and put live on the web.

Server space.
What use is a killer web site design if it is not on the Internet. You may have access to some server space through your Internet service provider, or you may want something faster. The servers we use are among the most advanced available, offering high speed transfers onto the Internet backbone, with multiple redundancy. In English this means your site will run fast and is 99.9% certain of being available.

Domain names and E-mail.
For a personalised identity on the Web, you can register your domain name. You will then become There are advantages in doing this, including:
  • An easy to remember web address.

  • An address that reflects your company or Organisation name.

  • An address that is quick and easy to type in or to write down.

  • There is no obvious association with an Internet Service Provider.

  • It is a very professional and promoted as an official site.

You probably have e-mail with your own Internet Service Provider. If you are lucky, the name of the account may actually mean something to people who are writing to your company. If you register your domain name, we can offer you mailboxes that refer to your company. Mailboxes like or, or anything you want. We will set up the mailboxes to best suit your needs. Multiple mailboxes can be set up to point at one mail account. Leaving you only one place to go and get all of your mail from. The choice is yours

Registration with search engines.
Users need to find your web site on the Internet. There are two ways for them to do this, by typing in your web site address, or by finding you in a web directory. You can assist in promoting your site the first way, by adding your web address to your current stationary and advertisements. We can help promote your site the second way by adding your site to all of the major search engines and business directories. This part of the service is vital if your site is to attract new business for you.

Ongoing support and maintenance.
Out of date information is another curse of the Internet. There is nothing worse than getting to a site, only to find that all of the information is out of date. We offer various maintenance plans which will allow your sites information to keep as up to date as possible.

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